Steve Duggan
Steve Duggan

Steve Duggan


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About Me

I'm an artist/performer from Adelaide, South Australia.

My art is often based on humour, or concepts which challenge the norm.

I work a lot with salvaged materials and mediums, and enjoy pushing boundaries when it comes to mixing what most people would consider incompatible media.

My work style is constantly evolving, and jumps constantly from abstract to detailed figurative works, and everything in between.

I have been involved in several group showings, as well as numerous solo exhibitions. My work now features in private collections along side original works by Dali and Warhol.

I also perform as Mr.Tetanus, the Human Pincushion, touring nationally as a circus freak.

DeviantArt Home Page

This portfolio is a representation of my work only. Many more pieces are viewable in my DeviantArt gallery, accessed via my Home Page, here:

Here you can keep up to date with my latest work and journal entries.


I can be contacted via email at

Art work is on display at Burnell Cottage Gallery, and can be viewed after hours by appointment.
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